The Recovery Process for Microblading

Have you ever wondered what happens after your microblading appointment? How long can you expect to see your beautiful new brows? What can you do to improve their healing process? Well, wonder no more! I’ve put together this comprehensive guide on the recovery of eyebrow tattoo healing stages.

Microblading is an awesome invention that is used for cosmetic enhancement. It can fill in the fine lines and make them more prominent than they originally were. Some people think that is simply drawing but nope! It is more than that. Microblading is done by using a hand tool for a particular purpose and is also done with coloured pigment to give you a new look every time you wear makeup.

After microblading, a lot of my clients have come to me with questions about the recovery and day by day microblading healing process. Here are some tips I’ve put together for you to help speed up the process, minimise any pain or risks, and everything you need to know about microblading healing stages.

After Your Microblading Session

Immediately after your microblading session, your eyebrows may look darker than they should. You may also experience some redness, and tenderness in the treated area. This is normal and will go away as the swelling goes down. You can apply an ice pack to reduce swelling and soreness. You will be given aftercare balm, specialised for cosmetic tattoo healing to help keep your skin hydrated. It’s important to keep your eyebrows clean and dry for the first few days. This will help avoid infection and speed up the healing process.

Swelling and Redness

Your skin will be red for about 2-3 hours after your microblading session. You can also expect some flaking around the edges of your brows during this time. This is normal and will go away after 3 days after it appears.

Scabs Formed Around Each Hair Stroke

After about three days, scabs will form around each hair stroke that was made during your microblading session.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to avoid sweating or swimming for about 7 days after getting Microblading done for your new brows to heal properly. Avoiding strenuous exercise, and hot showers will help reduce swelling and inflammation during this period.

Always wash your hands before touching your brows for any reason. This includes washing them before putting on makeup or removing makeup/oils from your face since these things can easily transfer bacteria onto your brows if not cleaned off first! 

Aftercare can and should vary based on the client’s individual needs. While all will be carefully instructed in proper aftercare, microblading artists must help clients understand that there isn’t one uniform set of rules for recovery. Instead, every person heals at their own pace, which means adjusting accordingly to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

Microblading has thus far proven to be an excellent option for those who want fine-line and natural-looking brows without having to worry about daily upkeep. With the right touch, artists can create real works of art and help clients find new confidence through perfectly shaped brows!

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