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Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Yes . We can provide a consult over the phone and if you meet all the criteria then we will send you the consultation forms via email so you can complete before your appointment. We will go over the same information right before your procedure as we would during the consultation. Most people that need a consultation prior to their scheduled appointment are people that have had previous permanent make up, or those that are still very unsure about the procedure and have several questions.


The brow is formed with fine hair-like strokes applied manually with a hand held tool. This type of tattoo fades over 1 to 2 years and requires regular touch ups. It results in a very natural looking eyebrow. This technique is perfect for those that like a natural brow but have gaps or sparse brows from over tweezing, age or ill health.


A Powder/Ombre Brow is also known as a solid brow tattoo. It is achieved using a digital tattoo machine, the brow will fade up to 50% when healed. This technique is good for those that fill their eyebrow with pencil or powder as this will achieve a similar appearance.Suits people with oily skin.

Each procedure takes around 2 – 2.5 hours.

Everyone has a different pain tolerance, To ensure your comfort levels are maintained, it is recommended you use a light topical anaesthetic for cosmetic tattoo. This can be organised via the partnered pharmacy listed in ‘Order Anaesthetic Gel’

Having a procedure done by another artist does not prevent you from being able to have it done at The Brow House Adelaide however, we will need to consult with you prior to booking your appointment just in case your previous tattoo is not able to be properly covered or refreshed.

You are free to have your eyebrows waxed before your appointment, but it must be at least 2 weeks prior to getting tattooed in order to give the skin time to heal before being tattooed.

Immediately after treatment, the colour will appear darker than your chosen shade. This is because the pigment takes around seven days to enter the deeper layers of the skin. After 7-10 days, exfoliation takes place and the top layer of the skin peels off leaving a softer, lighter colour underneath. The result is a natural looking enhancement. As the treated area is settling down, itching may occur. This is a good sign as it means the skin is healing. Apply the recommended balm to the treated area as directed.

The length of time your tattoo will last depends on many different factors, for example, your skin type, sun exposure, skin care regimen, and some types of medication you may be taking. For Brows, we recommend annual touch ups to refresh the shape and colour of your brows. Two treatments are usually needed at 4-6 weeks apart. With most procedures the colour fades dramatically after a week. For the second treatment, we look at the colour retention and add the required amount of extra pigment.

Powder Brows – you will need a treatment every 1-2 years to keep them looking fresh
The healing differs from person to person, There are several physiological factors that help determine the average healing time and effectiveness of the healing process.

– Age
– Skin Type – dry skin tends to hold the pigment for longer than oily skins.
– Some very oily skin don’t hold pigment very well
– Hormonal imbalances
– How Easily Or Severely You Swell And/Or Bruise
– Diet
– Stress
– Diabetes – Diabetic individuals show a documented impairment in the healing of acute wounds.
– Smoking – Smoking causes a delay in wound healing.
– Excessive Physical Activity
– Exposure To Sunlight
– Medications – Some medications may interfere with response to inflammation, platelet function, and an ability to form clots, significantly affecting healing.

For all cosmetic tattooing we require a 48 hour notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Post-treatment care determines your treatment success. For the 7 days of healing you must refrain from excessive sweating, steam rooms, saunas, swimming and applying makeup anywhere near or on the eyebrows. You should not scab as long as you follow the aftercare directions you will be given and keeping the brow area clean and dry and applying the aftercare balm provided. You MUST not pick your eyebrows as they are healing.

For Brows, we match your eyebrow hair colour, not the hair on your head. Permanent Makeup tends to be the darkest and the warmest in tone the first 5 to 7 days. Then, it lightens and shrinks and neutralizes as it heals.

Cosmetic Tattoo CANNOT be provided for those who are:


Hepatitis A B C

Keloid Scarring

Bleeding Disorders

Life threatening allergies

Sun burnt


Breastfeeding (can continue without pain relief)

Taking Ro-Accutane/ Isotretinoin

High blood pressure (unmanaged)

Undergoing Chemotherapy

Diabetes (Doctor clearance recommended)

Cosmetic Tattoo CANNOT be provided for local issues in relation to the treated area:

Have Eczema, Psoriasis or Seborrheic Dermatitis

Have Active acne

Recent surgery

Recent salon treatments such as laser light therapies, chemical peels and injectables

Herpes Simplex

Eye Disease

Yes, for approximately 24 or within 24 hours it will go back to normal.


Leanne’s artistic skills, attention to detail and creative flair combined together will provide you with the desired outcome suited to your facial features and individual shape.

Eyebrows frame your face, so whether you want to correct over plucked brows from the 90’s, or even out the shape of your brows then get in touch with us. If you are curious about Microblading or Lip Tattoo The Brow House Adelaide offers a complimentary consultation.


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All services include a consultation to discuss your needs and about which service performed. Some services require a touch-up generally about 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure as well as aftercare maintenance.